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MetaSci is a leading platform to help you execute the vision on blockchain. We provide one-stop services such as game and software on-chain transformation, NFT creation and publication as well as NFT investment.

Launch your game in web3.0

Redefine your game in Web3.0. We provide on-chain incubation services for VR, web, PC, mobile and other games of your compnay.

Launch and publish NFT

One-stop NFT services covering NFT IP, branding, community and market incubation, as well as NFT trading and copyright etc.

Diamond Hunter - Your best analysis tool for NFT

Dismond Hunter is an NFT investment vehicle.


full-stack and

cross-chain solutions

MetaSci accelerates your on-chain journey

Experienced on-chain transforming solution

On-chain transfromation and development supported by specialized team.

Systematic "Go to sea" solution

Assist in publishing and promoting your products to overseas publisher.

Website security solution

Cooperate with your company to contact professional audit institutions and assist in solving code audit problems.

Digital asset trading solutions

Customized for diverse trading scenarios.

Anti-monney laundary solution

Anti-money laundering strategies and models initiated by MetaSci make your product more reliable.

Highly-Customized economic model

Bring forth new ideas to your products and customize sustainable economic model by combing industry's advanced cases.

We devote to web3.0

Specialize in blockchain

Start from here and go beyond

Asist in business planning
Build economic model
On-chain transformation
Offcial website launch
Launch test
Projects operation
Community operation
"Go to sea" operation

Its all About Beginning

Meet our featured project

Featured Project

Vibranium cover
The first Metaverse SLG blockchain game with the main social attributes, Reboot will randomly generate a large number of galaxies in the world. There are a large number of stars in the galaxy. Each star has a certain number of planets surrounded. Each planet has uncertain resources can be mined. Many galaxies will bring unlimited possibilities to players and can form intricate social network relations.
Mars Alive cover
Space Combat
This is a P2E-game of star card battle, it was set up four levels and opened eight battlefields, what's more, you can find eight kinds of star monsters in game, here you can enjoy fighting with the monster, and get random attribute rewards.


Make it Happen

Stage 1
Studio startup
SLG-Game Incubated
P2E-Game Incubated
Stage 2
Launch the "Blue Ocean program"
Every developer and studio is invited to join the DAO organization to build the web3.0 game developer ecosystem
NFT investment trading analysis tool
Dream builder project
Build web3.0 IGO platform to help every developer and supplier to realize the value of their games
Build game NFT asset platform together
Build web3.0 game development suite together
Build web3.0 game SSO platform

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What we can help

We hope to establish long-term cooperation with organizations and individual developers pursuing their dreams to build the future together

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